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Growing Relationships: Ever Expanding Our Contribution to Worldwide Agriculture and Food Production

With an ever-growing world population, the need to provide effective food production and transportation is vitally important. We strive to place ourselves in a position in which we can help to meet that need. We believe we can make a positive impact in communities across the world by providing quality agricultural products. We also believe it is our responsibility to do this in an efficient and effective manner. Greenco strives to achieve these goals by growing relationships with other like-minded companies based upon respect and trust.

We at Greenco International have dedicated ourselves to finding, creating and capitalizing on agricultural opportunities and providing solutions for the industry worldwide.

To achieve this, Greenco:

  • Supplies an array of agricultural commodities to the global market
  • Dedicates ourselves to the continual growth of our sourcing and production capacity to satisfy global demand
  • Develops and strengthens relationships with our partners in the supply chain to continually maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Works closely with industry associations and regulatory agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Oregon State Dept. of Agriculture (ODA), Animal Plant Health Information Service (APHIS), United States Forage Export Council (USFEC), and the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) in order to recognize, work towards, and fulfill new and growing opportunities

Greenco’s Core Values

Educated in Our Decisions
We understand that it is an intricate part of our function to gather accurate, timely, and pertinent information in the global agricultural marketplace. This aids us in making educated decisions that are in line with our purpose and values.
Agile in Our Movements
Our organizational structure and model is built for agility. Maximizing our options and our ability to act upon those options is integral to not only our success, but how much success we can bring to this community.
Responsible & Accountable for Our Effectiveness
We put emphasis on the measurability of our actions. We hold ourselves and our partners responsible for our progress as we understand accountability demands us to be efficient and effective in serving the farming and food production communities.
Continual Growth
Greenco is dedicated and studious in our efforts to discover new markets and continually expand our product offerings. Being stagnant or satisfied with what we have already accomplished would put us behind an ever-changing world and industry. We strive to continually educate ourselves and the markets we are actively in..  Greenco values growing the community as a whole in order to best serve all.
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